I have been teaching English as a second language since 1989, in the UK for two summers, and the rest of the time in Barcelona. I am an English native speaker and fluent in Spanish and Catalan and work in all three languages on a daily basis. I can also speak French to upper intermediate level and have a basic knowledge of Dutch.

I am the owner and director of two businesses: Brampton Idiomas, which is a local language school catering to children, teenagers and parents in a neighbourhood close to La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The other school is Advantage Languages, which provides language training to companies in and around Barcelona and Madrid and employs over 60 teachers as of 2020.  I still teach English every week, mostly because I love language teaching. I also give seminars for parents and teachers at my school.  Previously, I taught English and gave workshops to teachers and undergraduates in ESADE business and language school in Barcelona.

To really speak a language well you need to live it and love it

Due to my qualifications, living in a bilingual community, an intense contact with foreign languages since 1989, and extensive reading on the subject of language and bilingualism, I have a thorough knowledge of both learning and teaching languages and I would like to think that I can give sound advice and help you learn any language you want to as well as  raise your child to speak your heritage native or even a non-native language (see my book).  

I have raised my son Marc to be a successful trilingual speaker.

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